NEETCOIN Project was born in Japan in October 2017. Currently, NEET is a crypto-asset managed by an Estonian organization that complies with compliance. Also in Japan, an organization that supports employment based on NEET (non-employed people) has been established as a related corporation. A group in Estonia manages crypto-assets, and a Japan corporation plans and uses them with a compliance.

With the addition of new members from July 2018, then we are working on social issues with the new leader without changing dept of "For the support of the NEET.".


Estonian organization.
We handle project management, management of NEETCOIN, concept, and management related to crypto-assets such as management authority of Discord community. Established in December 2018.

For general inquiries, please contact to PIC via Discord channel.
For legal matters, we can give you the E-mail address of Estonia Admin, so please contact that PIC.

ReChain Support

Japan organization.
The established in March 2019 with the approval of Tokyo with Tokyo Governor, in order to carry out social solution of the non-employed person (NEET) in Japan.

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