# What is NEETCOIN

its a cryptocurrency. It is for NEET, but you dont have be be a NEET to own it.

# I want NEETCOIN, what should I do?

There will be a many ways to obtain the coin, however you must set up a wallet first, please download the digital wallet first, also don’t forget to backup your wallet.

# When I start the wallet, it's complaining about the security
Please accept the security warning during initial startup of the wallet. It is necessary for the wallet to communicate to internet and requires security change on Microsoft Windows.
# Wallet does not start, all I see is the logo

During first execution, the wallet is initialising in the background, this may take a while for a slow PC, please be patient. On a slow case, this may take over 10 minutes.

# I am all good with the wallet, I want the coin!

We’re planning an airdrop and other events, please join our Discord channel for more information.

# What is wallet port number and node?

the normal communication port is 21011, RPC port is 21010. Node information is hardcoded inside the program, you do not need to set up, however, if you do have to setup manually, please add “dnsseed.neetcoin.jp” to the manual config file.

# its taking forever to sync the wallet.
Most common problem is due to lack of communication with other nodes, please check your internet communication status, as well as allowed outbound communication via your firewall. It is also possible that there are communication problems, you may simply try again later.
# I’ve changed my computer and forgot to backup my wallet, Is my wallet lost forever?

Unfortunately, there is no way to recover once the wallet is lost. Please note that it is very important to have a backup of wallet and keep it in the secure location.

# Is this profitable or not?

We’re hoping that you would find some values on the coin, we’re unaware of future values at the moment. However, why don't you join our Discord channel ask others?

# Is there plan to register for a public exchange?

There is no decision made to which public exchange to be used. We're hoping to find a place that people can exchange the coin with "something".

# is there any benefit for having the coin?

At least, we're planning to use it as a means to join the event we're planning in the future. It can be just for fun, so the benefit would be up to you to find out.

# Is there any other usage?
Please read project planning on the homepage.
# This is PoW right? I want to mine.

Please feel free to do so. NEETCOIN is using Scypt as its algorithm. The payout is, however, not a lot.

# can you explain PoS?

In summary, when you have some coins, you can "stake" the coins. It means you will get reward/interest for simply keeping the wallet open.

# What is a superblock?

The superblock is when block reward for PoS is increased to 210%. It a special bonus time with significantly higher PoS reward.

# When is superblock time?

This information is posted on our homepage, current block number can be checked from your own wallet or you can ask our Discord Bot NEEKO.

# Is it better to encrypt the wallet?

Encryption protects your wallet from unauthorised access by password protecting it. Your computer can be stolen but because the wallet is encrypted, your coins would not be stolen. However, there are NO WAYS TO RECOVER password. Please do not forget the encryption password once it is set.

# Is it true that encrypted wallet will not participate on staking (PoS)?

That is correct, the encrypted wallet will not stake. Please unlock the wallet if you would like to participate "stake".

# where is the wallet data? I would like to move it elsewhere.

On Microsoft Windows machine, it's generally located under c:\Username\AppData\Roaming\NEETCOIN

You can move this folder to your preferred location, and start QT wallet with the following command to specify the wallet folder

-datadir="new folder location" (eg neetcoin-qt.exe -datadir=c:\neetcoin)

It is only advised by an expert, and make sure you backup your wallet, before doing this.

# I tried to send the coin, but its now showing "collision", what has happened to my coin?

Please follow this instruction to resolve "collision"

do not do anything, simply close wallet and try again a few minutes later.
execute the wallet with following option "zapwallettxes" (eg neetcoin-qt.exe zapwallettxes)
above command will try to re-play some collided transactions, wait for few mins and then close the wallet. Then restart the wallet without the command "zapwallettxes"
The issue may occur If you have the wallet open from multiple locations. Please make sure you only have 1 wallet at the same time.

# I try to select multiple coins and its error out! (Coin Control features enabled)

Handling a lot of coins is restricted to your computer spec but it is not recommended to handle more than 500 coin entries, please do not try handing more than this.

# Do I have to start the wallet to check my balance?

Please use our coin explorer.

# Looks like there are a lot of plans and events but a lot of them sounds like jokes, how serious are you?
Many events and plans are not matured as yet and some may be impulsive too. We're not a joke but some may be difficult to achieve due to limit on funding, legal and its goals.
# I see a bot spamming the Discord Channel!

Please notify the mod of the channel, if you see too many people calling the bot, ask nicely to call the bot inside #NEEKO channel instead.

# Am I free to use NEEKO Bot?

Yes, you're free to call her, but if you call the bot too often it may stop responding. Please wait for the mod to restart the bot if that happens.

# I'm a real NEET and interested in the special plan?

Please register yourself inside the Discord Channel as a real NEET. If there are no mods, please wait until they're available or play with NEEKO bot. Also, real neet is part of the mod as well.

# Whats happening with the price, I am in trouble!

We have mentioned numerous times that the project does not control the price of the coin. We're freely giving them away and cannot be held responsible for its own price. (´·ω·`)