New cryptocurrency for neet



NEETCOIN was created to support neet. "NEET" is an acronym "Not in Education, Employment or Training" and refers to those who are not involved in school, occupation, or vocational training.

It is predicted worldwidely that, in the future, due to the evolution of AI (artificial intelligence) and IT system, the number of people who would be deprived from thier jobs by AI/IT system, end up with harsh working environments, they lose their balance of mind and body by become unable to continue working.

In Japan, neet is criticised due to common perception that they are lazy and not contributing to the society. Goal of NEETCOIN project is to make one of a platform to support neet those of whom cannot get enrollment and/or employment with various reasons.

NEETCOIN utilizes brockchain technology and will support neet with following 3 charactrastics.


Expansion of neet and market entrants, mutual benefit by capital circulation Besides the two basic incomes of free regular distribution of coins to real neat and PoS (issuance of interest to coin holders), there are various plans. Special plan for real neet



Neet's social contribution and productivity improvement and promotion of project
We have accumulation by part of the initial premain and support in the future project.
For details, go to the project page
(Japanese page, Please read using Google translation and so on.)



Synergy with fan support
Supporting that neet challenges something, such as using coins, we will be suupporting for fans. If the coin value is created, the effect increases.

Initial overview material (file download)

NEETCOIN Specifications

Coin typePoW/PoS
Max. Supply2,100M
*We estimate about 100M in 10 years (See figure below)
Premine2,100K(Breakdown follows)
PoW Reward2.1/Blk at least
PoS Ratio21% regular (Super Block as state below)
Super Block210% for following periods.
10000~12100 Block
20000~22100 Block
40000~42100 Block
70000~72100 Block
100000~102100 Block
every 50000 blocks onwards
*Estimated 210% period once a month




*Information regarding Exchange
(Recommended Reading before starting trade)


*Information regarding Exchange
(Recommended Reading before starting trade)
see "xxxxxxxx_crex24_en.pdf"

currency issued

1 Year


10 Year


Premine Breakdown

Premine Breakdown

* 20% from Development and Foundation will be locked, rest of 80% will be distributed to the participants of the project

Project Participation Bonus 30%(630,000NEET)
Rewards for project participants and contributors.
Airdrop and others(promotion)25%(525,000NEET)
Budget for AirDrop.
Project Event Budget 25%(525,000NEET)
Budget for NEETCOIN Project sponsor events.
NEETCOIN Foundation 10%(210,000NEET)
PoS resource for staking, benefits from staking will be allocated to neet support.
Development cost 10%(210,000NEET)
Budget for development.

PoS and Special system

PoS (Proof of Stake) is one of distributed agreement formation algorithms (consensus algorithm), and it is based on a mechanism that decides the percentage of approval of blocks at the rate of coins (Stake). By holding a coin that we can distribute or obtain, it is possible to obtain additional coins periodically on a regular basis. In addition, there is preparation of basic income system accordingly. What kind of system will develop in the future, its future potential is unknown.

Special Basic Income System for Real Neet

We are planning to allocate NEETCOIN to support neet. The allocation will be from the operating profit of NEETCOIN, other profits that have been generated will also be distributed within the limit. We also expect neet to contribute and help the team time to time. Please do enjoy the project (‘-‘)

*if you are a real neet and would like to register as one, please join our discord channel*