Is a full node style wallet

Initial execution may take few minutes and can show nothing but the logo. Also, the synchronisation of the blockchain will take time as well, please be patient.

It is very important that the wallet data has been backed up.

  • Regarding Antivirus reactions:
    While we did everything we can to make sure it is virus free, unfortunately, antivirus vendors can identify the wallet to contain a virus. This is a false positive and there is no virus.
  • To Backup:
    On the menu, please click FILE then select Backup.
    It is strongly recommended to take at least one backup after initialisation.
    This backup file should be kept in the safe location for the future recovery if the computer is lost or damaged.
  • You have to get a NEETCOIN.conf config file bring it together with client, if you have not it. Download conf-file ( save file if open by viewer).
  • If you need bootstrap.dat file, access to File DL site. Please show README file also.


Windows(zip 11.4MB)
MD5: 5986b585d962141d94fedfeb783f0ebe
Download Page

* DL-page in Japanese , so use google-translation please.


Linux(tar.xz 18.8MBMB)
MD5: f9a82b6abb3887d23cd68494301380ee
(glibc 2.25 or higher)


MacOS X 10.12 Sierra~(dmg 35.7 MB)

MacOS X 10.11 El Capitan(dmg 35.9 MB)

Mobile / Web Wallet

We have 2 mobile wallet; *Note: Deposits and withdrawals stop when the Insight Server API stops.


1. Japanese type mobile wallet "Monya/もにゃ" :  Web wallet  , And Google play App for Android. 


2. Hebe wallet : Official site (English) : to Google play App for Android.


Paper Wallet